We asked girls in Leeds what makes them swipe left on Tinder

“Probably, like, druggies or twats”

Tinder was once the shining beacon of hope in the dating world, a veritable heaven when you consider the only other real options are dirty clubs and desperate, end of the night, takeaway shop pulls. It’s basically become a modern necessity when you’re single. But do you ever just go on it and find yourself frustratingly pulling your hair out, whining “why isn’t anyone matching with me” after you’ve used up all your likes for yet another day? Yeah, probably. Everyone’s been there.

That’s why we decided to ask girls straight up what would make them immediately just say “nah” and swipe left, in the hope that their answers might just be the answer to all of your Tinder woes. So read carefully, take notes, and go make all the necessary improvements to your profile.

Oh, and you’re welcome, by the way.

“I guess people that seem a bit dull? Or if they live far away. I don’t really have a type, and it depends what people’s bios say.”

“I just go by the feels.”

“I’m not interested in really butch girls, I like a sense of masculinity but a shaved head is a no go. Also, a really cocky bio irritates me.”

“Probably, like, druggies or twats.”

“Just if they aren’t my type.”

“I mainly take into account bios really because they’re the main indicator if I’m going to get on with someone. But if there isn’t one then I’ll swipe right, because I want to see what the person is like.”

“It depends on the first impression of someone’s bio, not like many people actually fill anything out.”

“A lot of Tinder is based on looks for the first part so I’d have to find the person attractive.”

“Creepy people, people with those holes in their ears, and people with an ugly dress sense.”

“If someone isn’t my type I’ll usually swipe left straight away, but if not I’ll look at their bio properly and see if they see someone I’d actually get along with or not.”

“I guess someone who doesn’t look interesting.”

“I don’t know, I just get a vibe.”

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