Leeds has been named one of the UK’s ‘kindest’ cities

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice smile from a stranger?

The celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th has inspired Travelodge to research the UK’s kindest cities.

The report has just revealed that the citizens of Leeds are some of the kindest in the UK. 48% of the city’s residents perform acts of kindness at least once a day – with the national average at just 19% this is quite the feat.

Liverpool came first on the list, with York coming third after Leeds. Bristol came last on the list and has been named the ‘unkindest’ city.

Over half of the people interviewed believe that the general public is too busy to stop and help others. 39% of adults admitted that they were fearful of showing acts of kindness to strangers because it risked further danger.

57% of adults have stated that they were surprised when a stranger showed them any act of kindness in daily life. Further investigation has exposed that a quarter of the respondents surveyed believe that northerners are kinder than southerners.

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