Leeds rapper shoots music video in uni halls

Featuring rowdy students exiting lifts, narrow corridors, and lots of fist-pumping in kitchens

18-year old Mabvuto Saidi, who goes by the MAB Schola when making music, hails originally from Manchester. He’s currently studying film and media production at Leeds Trinity University. Saidi says he’s been making music for three years but has only recently started putting it out publicly.

The idea to film a music video in halls for his latest track, ‘GOOD SHIT’, emerged after he and his mates threw a party “just to let loose” which turned out to be a “great success”.

Saidi told The Tab, “Student life isn’t cheap and I haven’t made a lot of money from rapping so I’m constantly thinking of ways to shoot high quality videos for the lowest price, so much so that my last video before this was shot in a park and a train station.”


Mabvuto Saidi AKA MAB Schola

“That night of the party, I thought to myself the party would’ve made a sick video, so I told my friends (the ones you can see me speaking to at the start of the video) and we set out to throwing a party again and told people it was going to be shot for a music video”.

“We had 3 DSLR cameras and 2 iPhones with fish lense on them recording people in there moment, we shot so much footage for the video that I had to edit 2 separate videos for one song”

The video for MAB’s track, which features a contagiously catchy beat and even catchier hook, was filmed at Leeds Trinity Fountains halls of residence. With rowdy students exiting lifts, narrow corridors, and lots of fist-pumping in kitchens, you could be forgiven for thinking these scenes were filmed at any classic block party or pre-drinks in Leeds.

MAB says he’s got big plans for his music, “‘m working hard & making connections and hopefully you’ll see me on bigger platforms in the near future”.

You can check out more of MAB Shcola’s music here, and who knows, next time he could be partying in your flat.

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