Oxley residence is closing down

It’s that one that’s miles away

Oxley residences are set to close after a decision was made by the Leeds Uni governing body.

However the University is still advertising the halls on their accommodation website, so it unclear whether Halls will be closed at the end of this current academic year or at a later date.

Once the residence is closed it will be sold and plans will be developed to build new accommodation for the university, although it is yet to be confirmed whether this will be on the current site or closer to the University.

Oxley is situated near the University playing fields at Weetwood, meaning that although it may be good for people playing sports, it’s definitely not good if you live there and have a 9am lecture.

Former Oxley resident Annie Peterman mourned the loss, saying, “It’s a real shame to hear that future students at Leeds are going  to be denied all the fun that living in Oxley brings: The late night bus rides, the games of rounders the 10 minute walk to the nearest petrol station to buy milk…Good times were had by all”.

Oscar Taherbeigi recalls fondly, “It was an adjacent supermarket away from paradise.”

Another Oxley inmate Josh Harvey said sombrely, “Goodnight, sweet prince”.

The Tab has contacted the University for comment and is awaiting a response.