Leeds’ Clubbers of the week

If you’re not on the list, you might as well not bother going out

While many are stressing out over deadlines and dissertations, this lot didn’t let a small thing like uni work get in the way of their night out. See who made the list of best clubbers in Leeds this week.

Stunner of the week

Runners Up

Squad of the week

Runners Up

Shout out to the girl walking down the stairs. The group may crop you out of their cover photos.

Pose of the week

Pout of the week

The others clearly wasn’t going for the duck lips vibe

Shocked clubber of the week

Photobomb of the week

Also looks like the photobomber is getting punched

Runners Up

Photos by:  Underground photos from the VOODOO Events Facebook page, Skint Thursday Photos from Connor Griffin Photography, MNHP and Move On UP photos from WIZ Photography, Fruity Photos from CWPhotographics.