Single people need to stop being so god damn bitter about Valentine’s Day

I’m sick of apologising for being happy

We get it, you’re single. So is approximately 65% of the population. Stop whining and get over it.

Valentine’s Day comes around once every year (duh), and along with comes an incredibly bored load of people who only seem to come out of the woodwork to bash V Day, and hate on those people that want to enjoy the day with the person they love.

I think the thing I hear more this time of year is “Oh, but it’s not a real holiday”.  People love that, along with “it’s just made up for big corporations to make loads of money”. Yeah, probably – but isn’t every holiday over exaggerated in order for big corporate business to make a shit tonne of money? News flash: Jesus wasn’t probably not born on Christmas Day, and Mother’s Day was originally the one day a year that servants were allowed to go home and visit their families. You don’t hear people bashing Pancake Day because they don’t like pancakes, or Christmas because they’re not religious. People just get on with it, if they don’t want to celebrate the day then they don’t. Why isn’t Valentine’s the same?

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Yes, being alone does suck, and even though I will be enjoying a romantic dinner this Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend, that doesn’t mean I don’t know what it’s like to be single, and alone. There’s nothing worse than feeling lonely, especially when it looks like the whole world’s in a relationship and you’re not. But I’m just getting so sick and tired of all the couple shaming that’s goes on – not just on V Day, but pretty much any time of year when there’s a celebration. I’m sick of going on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and whatever social media you want to use, and seeing constant statuses about how much being single sucks, and how all couples suck, because obviously, it’s people in couples that are to blame for you being single.

Happy anniversary loser, thank u for putting up with me for 2 years?? #anniversary #2years #berlin

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The common assumption is that every couple on V Day is annoyingly in love (because, god forbid there are people who actually love each other? Who knew), and they go around holding hands, shoving PDA into everyone’s faces. Funnily enough, that’s not the case. Sure, there are some people who go way OTT for Valentine’s Day, and there are some couples that absolutely need to get off social media and actually enjoy each other’s company rather than constantly posting about it. But not every couple is annoying on February 14th, and most people aren’t posting on social media with the sole purpose of rubbing it in your face. They’re happy, and they want to share that happiness, so why are you making fun of them for that? You just sound bitter, and that is not a good look.

Also, did you ever stop to think that, for some people, it’s a chance for them to focus on their significant other in a way that they might not be able to do for much of the year. People in long distance relationships, for example, or young couples who are constantly stressed about jobs and student loans etc. etc. February 14th may be just a day for some people, but for couples it’s a reminder to prioritise each other. Getting dressed up and going out for dinner, or to the cinema, or even just on a long dog walk in the country is all undeniably lovely. And there’s nothing wrong with getting excited about being bought flowers or chocolate or a present of any sort. Yes, you shouldn’t just celebrate your love on one particular day of the year, but for some people it’s the perfect excuse to do exactly that, celebrate. Just because a “made up day” tells us to do something, that doesn’t make it suddenly a horrid thing to do. It’s not even that different from Christmas: people get dressed up, have dinner, and give the people they love presents.

Jordan bought me flowers??

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Valentine’s day doesn’t even have to be that bad if you’re single. Sure, the tradition is to celebrate the person you love romantically, but why does that have to still be the case? Galentine’s Day is very quickly becoming a very real thing, and with the rise and rise of club culture there’s loads of club nights tailored specifically for those people that want to go out and have fun on Valentine’s Day, without the pressure of a date, and dinner, and gifts etc. You’re perfectly at liberty to ignore the whole day altogether, or go and cry to the Notebook, or hit the club until 5am. No one is forcing you to celebrate. What you can’t do, however, if you consider yourself to be a nice person, is make other people feel bad because they do want to celebrate. You may think it’s tacky, and unimaginative, and stupid, and that’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it. Just keep it to yourself.

These girls know how to have fun on V Day

Making fun of Valentine’s day doesn’t make you look cool or clever, it just makes you look bitter. Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck if you stop feeling sorry for yourself.

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