Gryphon accused of bias in LeadLUU coverage

But no one reads the Gryphon

Another day means another scandal for the Union Leadership race.

The Gryphon has been accused of leaving candidates out of an article covering the LeadLUU Question Time event on Thursday. Twitter user Max Sherrard who studies Poltics and Middle Eastern Studies at Leeds called this “clear bias”.

The article in question focuses on the Activities debate which only mentions 3 of the 5 candidates running for the position of Activities officer, leaving out Talya Stitcher and Rianna Julian.

The article also only talks about one of the policies in the debate, Jess Bassett’s loyalty card scheme which would offer students points for using Union facilities and joining societies, but didn’t mention any policies of the other candidates.

Although let’s be honest, what is all the fuss about? No one reads The Gryphon anyway.