This Geordie LUU campaign video is what we’ve all been waiting for

Why aye man!

When it comes to Russel Group universities there is one group that is underrepresented: northerners, namely Geordies.

Although they may be represented in terrible MTV reality shows, this campaign video by Jess Bassett finally puts Newcastle on the LUU map.

The Northern tribute to Run-DMC features some pretty bold promises including loyalty cards for students when they join societies or use union facilities.

She may not have the best rapping skills, at least in comparison to Melz, but it certainly sets the campaign video bar high, following yesterdays ‘Fresh Prince’-inspired release by Zak Kaf Al-Ghazal.

For those Southerners who are unsure of the Geordie terms mentioned in the video, “pet” is not a household animal but instead “a good friend” and “why aye” is simply a longer but more enthusiastic way of saying “yes”.