Laundry to be made free in Leeds uni halls

Sticking two fingers up at Circuit Laundry

Leeds is set to become the first uni in the country to abolish charges for laundry facilities in September.

LUU has successfully lobbied the university to change the system of paying for laundry, students living in University owned halls will now be given 20 “laundry credits”, which will be worth 20 washes.

It is estimated that the average student in Halls does around 14 washes a year, costing £50-£100, so this new initiative will let freshers be cleaner for less

Circuit laundry is the worst

Community Officer Jamie Ali told The Tab, “It was great to work with Residential Services to achieve this big win for students, we’re the first union in the country to do this! Let’s be honest, everyone hates paying every time they head down to do laundry. This will be a great thing for students arriving in Leeds, but there’s still so much more to do in terms of cutting living costs for students.”

Although the new scheme will just be for those living in University owned halls, the Union is working closely with Residential Services to lobby private providers like Unite and Downing to put credits in place for students living there also.

The news will no doubt be welcomed by those living in halls next year, but perhaps will anger those who have up until now, spent a ridiculous amount on washing their clothes. Although let’s be honest, they’ll still end up taking it it home to their parents to do at the end of the semester.