Leeds named one of the best cities to live for graduates

Think of your student debt

A survey by graduate recruitment specialists Pareto revealed Leeds is the second best place to live for university graduates.

After analysing the average salary and rent price of local two-bedroom housing, they managed to calculate a ‘Cost of Living’ score, with London earning a base mark of 100. The lower the score the lower the cost of living.

After Belfast, which received a score of 72.58, Leeds’ score was uncovered as 77.69 with an average salary of £31,674. The average cost of rent was £746 compared to Belfast’s £765. The average salary is higher compared with the cost of rental and living prices, and is therefore better for University graduates. The cost of living in the most affordable cities ranges from 12-27% cheaper than London.

Also on the ‘more affordable’ list was Cardiff after Leeds, and then York, Liverpool and Edinburgh. On the other end of the spectrum, after London, the ‘less affordable’ cities were Brighton, Oxford, Bath and Cambridge – but that’s not really surprising.

The Head of the Candidate Experience at Pareto, Suzie Berry, said: “The affordability of the capital cities of Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh shows that graduates needn’t head to London in search of graduate employment. Despite the lures of the South East, the prospect of more affordable living and cheaper rent can outweigh a higher wage packet.”

For the full list of cities, whether you’re thinking of moving or just want to see where your city scores, visit http://www.pareto.co.uk/infographics/top-starter-cities/.