‘Literally everyone is fit in Leeds’: We sat down with Charlotte Crosby

She says we have the best nightlife in the UK, and she knows.

The Geordie Shore star was in Leeds last night promoting her new dating app, Show Real. Never ones to miss an absolute belta, The Tab caught up with her to probe her thoughts on why dating apps like Tinder are fake AF, and why Leeds still reigns supreme as King of the North for nights out.

So you’ve been out in Leeds before, how would you say going out in Leeds compares to going out in Newcastle? 

Going out in Leeds is so fun and I don’t know why I haven’t done it so long but we used to come out here all the time. It’s not far away, its a really good night out, and everyone’s really fit in Leeds.

Fitter than Newcastle? 

Literally everyone’s fit in Leeds, I don’t know what it is?!

So they should basically move Geordie Shore to Leeds?

Pretty much, yeah.

And you’re going out in Pryzm tonight, have you been there before?

I don’t think I have, can someone tell me where it is? I’ve been to Tiger Tiger, been to Halo (now Church), been to the Revs and stuff, and went to Oracle for Candy Pants.

Yeah we have some excellent nightlife here in Leeds, probably the best in the country, would you agree? 

I would agree.


So you’re here in Leeds promoting your new dating app, Show Real, how do you think dating apps have changed young peoples’ love-lives? 

I don’t think young people ever really did date. They only used to talk on things like BBM or Facebook, and then go round each others houses. So I think dating apps brought in the dates, meeting out for a drink or going out for dinner and stuff, so it made it more date-y. 

Tell me about how the transition from Geordie Shore reality TV star to app developer came about?

Well when I got told that the idea for the app was all about videos and not pictures – unlike Tinder, I thought this is really interesting and its a good idea. Because how many times have you looked at a picture of someone and then met them in real life and realised they look nothing like their photo. On Show Real, when you do a video, it can’t be edited, or filtered, its just the real you, so its going to give people a chance to see the actual person, and maybe not be let down or disappointed. So I thought it was a good idea and wanted to jump on board.

So on the app, you get the chance to film yourself answering a few questions about yourself. What sort of questions are they? 

One question is what would you save if your house was burning down? What would your answer be Aron?

Thats a tough one, probably my Iphone? Because then I’d be able to call the fire brigade 

And you’ve got everything saved on your phone…

Yeah exactly, I’ve got this interview saved on there.

And then another question is, would you prefer glamping or camping?


That tells me a lot about you..

…good things? 

Yeah it means you’re rough, you’re ready, you wanna go out and experience nature in the real way…

Or mostly I’m just a bit broke… 

Yeah thats also one.


They say body language accounts for a lot in terms of attraction and romantic interactions..

Yeah and I think your voice says a lot about you as well. So Aaron from Geordie Shore got the squeakiest voice ever, like his balls still haven’t dropped and a lot of people gave him grief when he first came on the show, but he’s gorgeous. So imagine going on Tinder and looking at his pictures and then going on a date with him and just thinking, ‘Omg you sound like a child.’

Poor Aaron. And finally, have you got a message for Leeds students? 

Everyone’s got to download the app, start making a Show Real profile, and have me a shot ready.