Harley-oween: A huge motorbike gang are terrorising Leeds

All hell (angels) has broken loose

Large numbers of masked motorcyclists and quad-bikers are causing carnage in Leeds tonight by roaring down Kirkstall Road at dangerous speeds.

Hundreds of onlookers have lined the street, just outside Cardigan Fields Business Park on Kirkstall Road to watch the procession of bikers, in what appears to have been a coordinated meeting of bikers from around the Leeds area.

The police have confirmed that they have been forced to shut down the road but due to it being Halloween, they do not currently have enough officers on the scene to confront the bikers and clear the road.

The ‘ride-out’ has become something of annual Halloween tradition in parts of the UK. Last year, more than 200 masked bikers on high-powered motorcycles, mopeds and quad bikes sped through residential streets around south London.