Leeds’ BNOC: Round four

Potentially the best ones yet

Ola Akinlade, Second year, Business Management 


Ola Akinlade both “runs things down at MiNT Mondays and owns his own clothing brand.”

Yet Ola’s most impressive accolade was when he organised an Otley Run for the end of exams with around 300 people on it. At the second to last venue he managed to dislocate his knee and wound up in hospital only to return two hours later at the club on a pair of crutches.

Richrad Coxon, Second year, Philosophy 

You may recognise Richrad Coxon as the swimming poster boy for Leeds Varsity. However, Richrad is also known for his several alter egos including boyonce and other Richard.

Richrad once got escorted back to his room by security in a hotel for laying in the hallway naked screaming aren’t I beautiful.

Lewis Jolly, Masters, Biomedical Sciences 

Lewis Jolly’s nomination was very blunt in why he deserved to be BNOC of the year: “He just ticks a lot of the BNOC boxes- topless Facebook profile picture holding a beer ✅; ticket rep for Flux/Goodlife/Cirque ✅; gets in to all nights for free ✅; on first name terms with the desk staff at the Edge ✅;

“500 strong guestlist for his birthday house party ✅; an unbearably vocal passion for drinking beer ✅. The list could go on, but the underlying point is that its all rather impressive considering he is ginger.”

Josh Lewis, Second Year, “Geography, but his heart lies in Theatre and Performance”

His nomination was a link to his Linkedin profile. That is the kind of attitude which wins BNOC.

Plus his Linkedin is really impressive.

Jill Elliott, Fourth Year, English and Linguistics

Jill Elliott was nominated numerous times. The best one has to be read in the voice of Bethany Byrd from mean girls: “Jill Elliott… How do I begin to explain Jill Elliott? Jill Elliott is flawless. She has the best Wednesday night warehouse attendance in uni, and a white card.

“I hear her hair is insured for £10,000. I hear she loves a good slut drop and shot… In Fruity. Her favourite tv show is Geordie Shore. One time she got asked out in the gym. Every Friday she requests Mysterious Girl in Terrace – it’s always awesome.”