Leeds’ BNOC of the Year 2016: Round two

Look at these loose cannons

You’ve had round one – now it’s time for round two.

Melissa Owusu, Exec


It’s fair to say that everyone on campus knows who Melz is.

“Why Is My Curriculum White?”, challenging Radio 1 over their lack of grime, and genuine educational improvements have rocketed Melz to big name status.

Lucas Thornley, Fresher, History 

Lucas Thornley, referred to as the “International Man of History” apparently “loves VKs more than his own grandma”. Although only a fresher, Lucas has achieved a lot this year.

He is constantly performing. Not only did his rendition of  the Celine Dion classic “My Heart Will Go On” in Bierkeller bring his audience to tears, but he dislocated his shoulder in Players in an attempt to show his acrobatic ability to the barmen.

Rory Mawdsley, Third year, Civil Engineering

Rory Mawdsley, known for his frog hat (which has gained the nickname the Toad), is a regular at Hyde Park house parties while still maintaining a first.

Yet, most impressively, he apparently lost his entire student loan betting on Liverpool to win the Europa league.

Dan ‘I’m not boring honestly’ Sinclair, Second year, Politics 

The nomination speaks for itself: “Some say that he has a face that can launch a thousand ships. Others say that his jawline is so sharp that’s Zeus himself used it once to trim his beard.

“It is also rumoured that he is currently writing a novel staring himself in a house of cards style ascent to the top of the Conservative party. His greatest achievement so far was probably reaching the quarter finals of junior master chef when he was 13.”

Katie Kenward, Third year, IHP

Katie Kenward’s nomination reads more like a CV: “Big time promoter; ran MiNT Mondays, promotes for Flux, Good Life and Cirque… can get you in anywhere. Former social sec for History society. Knows all the big DJs. Can sing and makes every club promo photo (looking fit).”

With all that under her belt it’s not surprising that she was nominated.