Leeds BNOC of the year 2016: Round one

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for


We’ve sifted through hundreds of nominations, dismissing all the “they can’t walk through campus without saying hi to at least five people” and the “there are too many funny stories” to bring you the best of the best of Leeds’ BNOCs.

Ethan Allen, Third Year, Economics


Having just won most eligible third year, Ethan Allen, according to his nomination deserves to win because he’s “Bachelor of the year. Say no more.”

Is his pretty face enough to win your vote?

Joe Kremis, Second Year, Civil Engineering 

Having gained a whopping 23 nominations, the majority of which simply said “Legend”, Joe Kremis is clearly either very popular or has spent a lot of time nominating himself.

Constantly introducing himself as “Joe Kremis Leeds BNOC”- which is almost always misheard as “Joe Kremis Leeds big knob”, he apparently once brought a girl home, only for her to go and shag his housemate while he was having a piss.

Dan Mann, Second Year, Politics

Since putting himself out there in his quest to find love, Dan has struggled to get around campus without being recognised.

In addition to his open displays of romance, Dan also set fire to his student house which is obviously a massive achievement.

Danny James Elliott, Fourth Year, Chemistry

Having once been confused with a DJ of the same name, Danny seized the opportunity, trolled a club promoter and went viral earlier this year.

His story was taken up by The Mirror and The Daily Star and resulted in him getting over 300,000 friend requests in a week.

Mo Ayoub, Fourth Year, Arabic and Spanish

Aside from the obvious “He knows everyone” comment, this LSR DJ once pulled off an amazing coffee stunt.

His nomination read: “Mo once asked me if I wanted a coffee in the Brotherton, left for 10 mins and came back with a mug FROM MY HOUSE. When I asked him about it, he shrugged and said “I know a guy.”