Leeds have now released a whole bizarre collection of library animals

This is just getting ridiculous now

Last week we introduced you to the Library’s newest attempt at tackling desk hogs, ‘Library Turtle‘.

In a tweet the librarians said that  “Library Turtle always carries their things with them, especially when leaving for a long time”.

This attempt to battle desk hoggers was just as annoying as the desk-hoggers themselves.

Are the arrogant people who leave their desk for over an hour going to be convinced to change their ways because of a cute turtle? Probably not.

But now there’s more.

The library have introduced two more animals into their questionable social media campaign, with one pretty much encouraging people to leave their work until the last minute and work through the night because that’s what ‘Library Owl’ does.

So instead of providing more seats or putting better efforts into planning their new libraries, we are now being encouraged to stock up on Red Bull and pro-plus and suffer from a lack of sleep so we can finally get a seat in Laidlaw.

Oh but there’s more.

In an attempt to combat people talking in the silent study areas, ‘Library Lemur’ encourages people to go to a group study area. People probably would do that, but they can’t. Why? Because there’s not enough seats.

There is a question to ask in this whole Twitter meltdown, and that is who even follows the library’s twitter account in the first place?