How to turn your library session into a gym workout

Your guide to getting a first class body and a first class degree

We all need to keep healthy, but with so much revision to do and essays to write who has the time to go to the gym when they should be at the library?

Well now you can revise and workout without having to leave the comfort of the library with this handy guide to turning your library session into a gym workout.

Let’s be honest you’ve probably gone to the library in your gym clothes anyway.

Do some step ups

imageAll you need to do is find the step ladder normally used to reach the top shelves and climb up and down them. If you do need to get a book from the top shelf then there’s no reason not to make it into a workout.

Do some press ups


You can even add some weight to your back to make it even harder by adding some heavy books.

Do a bleep test in the aisles


You may have hated this at school, but if you want to keep your fitness up during exam season this is perfect for burning off those revision snacks.

Do some sit ups


Like the press ups you can hold a book to add weight and make it harder.

Try some yoga


Yoga relaxes both the mind and soul for you to relax during this stressful period. You can even revise as you do it so it’s perfect for your time in the library.

Do some dips


This exercise was basically designed for a library as the shelves are perfect for it. Try not to push to hard on the shelves or they probably could collapse and the library staff will be after you.

Use a book as a weight


If it’s those “gains” you’re after then the bigger the book the better. Extra points if you reference it in your gym log.

Do a squat


There’s no seats in the library during exam season. This exercise is perfect if you spot a spare end of a table.

Try some tricep dips


If you are lucky enough to find a seat then take a break from your revision every so often to do some tricep dips.

Take an obnoxious selfie in the bathroom


This will help make your library/gym session 100 per cent authentic. Make sure to not forget all the hashtags on your Instagram post. #gym #gains #bro