Leeds library staff are really losing it with desk hoggers

Are they on the verge of a meltdown?

Last week we brought you the news that the Laidlaw library staff had begun reporting the number of desk-hogs there were on each level, now they’ve taken things to a whole new dimension.

According to the library’s twitter account @UoLLibrary we are now all animals and the “Library Turtle always carries there things with them”.

Okay let’s be honest, we all hate people who reserve a desk and then leaves it for a few hours but this is a bit condescending especially since the spirit animal of most students is the sloth.

We all know it  starts with passive aggressive tweets of turtles but soon it could lead to an celeb-style twitter meltdown. First it was Kanye, then Azaelia Banks and next it’ll be Laidlaw.

Last week the library went to drastic measures to help us find a desk and stop seats being “hogged”.

The boards, which are on levels 1-3, are updated hourly and show the seriousness of the problem by using the hashtag #Don’tBeADeskHog.

Tragically, so far the only posts using that hashtag are from the library itself.

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Watch this space as we update you on the war between Laidlaw and desk-hoggers.