A second year built a pool from scratch in his Hyde Park garden

Is this the Costa del Leeds?

University of Law second year Tom Almond built a pool in the garden of his Hyde Park house.

The pool was built out of reclaimed wooden pallets from The East Village bar on Brudenell Grove. It took Tom and his mates three weekends to build.

Tom told The Tab: “I basically just saw on Facebook that some Spanish guys had built a pool in their garden and I thought I could give it a go.”

He added: “When people told me we couldn’t build a swimming pool out of tarpaulin and wooden pallets, they were only showing their limits, not ours.”



He then hosted a pool party on Saturday which was sponsored by Hyde Park’s E-Street Barbers, featuring live performances from local act David Lee Stothard.

By the time the pool party had got under way the sun had gone, meaning the water had turned cold. Although that’s nothing that a kettle full of hot water can’t solve.

If you feel like you’ve missed out by not getting an invite to the pool party, Tom has now but the pool up on sale on Gumtree for £20 so you can get a slice of the action.