Leeds YikYakker claims he deleted his best friend’s dissertation

He later admitted it was part of a social experiment for his own work

A Leeds YikYakker fooled people into thinking he had deleted his friends dissertation the night before the deadline.

The Yak claimed that he had deleted his best mate’s work after discovering they had slept with his girlfriend.

What followed was an argument over who was to blame for the cheating and that deleting the dissertation was a bit far.

They even claimed to have shredded all the documents and smashed his memory stick.



The original poster of the Yak said that it was exactly what he deserved, and many came out in support of his actions.

However as the story unfolded the Yakker then claimed this was all part of “a small project which forms a series of my dissertation”.

It was aimed at seeing the reactions of people when talked to about revenge.


Some people on the social media network then claimed that this goes against the principles of ethical research, and that their rights had been violated.


Just like the dissertation supposedly was, the Yak was later deleted. So we cannot be sure whether this Yak and comments will be appearing in a dissertation about revenge anytime soon.