Control is going to become an indoor trampoline park


Leeds nightclub Control is set to become an indoor trampoline park, opening in the summer.

This follows the news last week that the nightclub in Cardigan Fields on Kirkstall Road had gone into liquidation after owing £1.139million.

Oxygen Freejumping have announced plans that will include 150 trampolines as well as dodgeball courts, airbags and Ninja-warrior courses, all of which will cost around £1.5million to set up.


They will also offer lessons in free-running, designed by French parkour expert Sebastien Foucan who appeared in the James Bond film Casino Royale.

CEO of Oxygen Freejumping, David Stalker said “We are delighted to be coming to Leeds, and we’re looking forward to helping locals discover the fun of Freejumping.”

“Freejumping is easy to do but impossible to master and fun no matter how old you or whether it’s your first jump or you are a high flyer.”

Although it’s probably going to be full of loads of kids getting in the way.