People aren’t happy about the litter chaos in Hyde Park from 4/20

One resident called it a ‘pisstake’

Yesterday Hyde Park was filled with people smoking in the sun and celebrating 4/20. 

The aftermath of this mass weed congregation resulted in large amounts of rubbish left in the park, which has angered some students and locals.

Local residents from the Hyde Park forum have organised a clean up operation to clear what looks likes the remains of a music festival.



Students enjoying 4/20 yesterday

Wain Backford a local who lives opposite the park, told us: “It’s a piss take but it’s not only students, people from other areas also came here yesterday.

“We have a Hyde park forum to help the community. It’s a pity none of the people here yesterday have helped, but instead they’ve gone to uni.”

Some students have come out in support of the local community to help with the operation. Libby Hewitt a Sociology and Soocal Policy Third Year said, “I thought it was really disgusting and students are walking past expecting locals to clear up.”


Students and residents helping to clear up the rubbish

A Leeds Beckett Student Union Community Engagement Coordinator added “We’re trying to bridge the  gap between students and local residents.”

“The SU puts a lot of hard work and this puts a spanner in the works. This makes it harder for us to break down the barriers and reinforces the stereotypical lazy student.”

We also spoke to Jamie Ali, next year’s LUU Community Officer. He said: “I think it’s disgusting to be honest. Taking your rubbish home with you is just basic manners.”

imageHe added “Hyde Park is a great space to have, but we have to treat it properly. I’ll hopefully be able to work with LUU on something to help clean things up once I start in June.”

Some LUU employees were sent over by the Union this morning to assist with the clean up. image

The Leeds Cannabis Social Club wanted to distance themselves from the carnage, and blamed students for leaving litter behind.

They said: “We have publicly condemned the mess left behind by other members of the public in the park that evening. Our event was not across the whole park but specifically on the top field at maximum distance from the children’s playground. The top field was left clean at 6:40pm, well before the lower fields were vacated.

“We have come up with a plan to make our future events more distinct, and to mitigate any mess regardless of whether it was left by our guests or not.”