Leeds University Scouts in a bid to win £5k after crashing minibus

They need to find the money for the damages

The Leeds University Union Scouts and Guides (LUUSAG) have entered the Spotify Sound Clash competition in  the hope of raising £1,000 after they crashed a hired minibus.

They hired the minibus to travel to the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation rally in Bristol. After leaving the hire place they got an email from LUU saying that the hire company had seen their driver crash as they left the hire centre.

After checking the side of the bus they noticed a dent and paint transfer on it, but decided to head to Bristol and deal with the problem at a later date.

The society’s President Emily Robinson told The Tab: “Once we’d returned the minibus on the Monday,  we got a bill from them for both the parts/labour and the ‘continual hire’ of the vehicle until it was fixed and could be used again, even though it was evidently still drive-able.”



The final bill ended up being £1,000. Emily added: “It’s pretty minor damage to be fair. It’s just costing us a fortune and obviously we’re hardly the cool kids and not the biggest society so don’t have the funds to pay it on our own.

“One of our members, Sophie, came across the Spotify sound clash competition and set up a playlist of our favourite songs.

“We posted on a few scout and guide Facebook pages and completely climbed the leaderboard and into the top 6 positions, eligible to win the prize and thus help pay the minibus costs. We’ve since dropped into 14th place, but just need people to follow the playlist.”


£1,000 just for that?

Driver Chris and President Emily

Driver Chris and President Emily

The grand prize of the competition is £5,000 cash and £5,000 worth of ASOS vouchers and second to sixth place is £1,000 cash and £1,000 worth of ASOS vouchers, so enough to pay for the damage.

If you want to help the Leeds Scouts and Guides make sure you follow their playlist on Spotify, you can also check it out below.