This week’s best clubbers

Procrastinate hard, party harder

As if it’s only a week since last time. Today has got to be the day that you appear, surely.

Ballroom dancers of the week

Ballroom dancers

You guys appearing on Strictly this year?

Three dimensional clubber


You don’t even need special glasses for this one

Inappropriate crocodile of the week

Groping is not okay

Most accurate Stephen Merchant doppelgänger 

stephen merchant

The real Stephen Merchant should party in Leeds one day

Peace spreader of the week

Imagine all the people

Imagine all the people

Most disappointed birthday girl

Disappointed bday

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Best duo

facial expressions

I don’t even know what’s going on here

Edgiest clubbers

I wear your grandad's clothes, I look incredible

I wear your grandad’s clothes, I look incredible

Celtic warriors of the week

If they're not Scottish does this count as cultural appropriation?

If they’re not Scottish does this count as cultural appropriation?

Cheekiest lads

Do they deliver cheeky Nandos?

Do they deliver cheeky Nando’s?

Hand-me-downs of the week

hand me downs

That shirt is a bit big for you hun

Most villainous clubber

Evil mastermind

Evil mastermind

Sassiest clubber

Sass queen

Sass queen

Best photobomb


I have no words

Most surprised clubber


Clubber with a concerning hair fetish

hair fetish

Just a quick stroke?

Best bouncer

best bouncer

Bit of side eye too

Best moves

She's in the groove

She’s in the groove

Creepiest clowns

I would not want them a my birthday party

I would not want them a my birthday party

Baller of the week


He’s gone all out with the outfit

The guy who’s probably just farted

clubber being blamed for a the bad smell

His mate dropped him in it

Drunk cry of the week

drunk cry

He’s just a fuck boy babes

Thanks to No Curfew, FlyNight Events, Taking Liberties and Voodoo for the photos


James Cray: Quids In, Entourage

Elliot Young: Donuts, Mixtape

ItsJustJoeB: Chaos

CJG Photography: Antics

Daniel Watson: Space Tuesdays

Shot by WIZ photography: MNHP