Meet your new LUU exec

The results have FINALLY been announced

After an extremely long campaign period the results of the Lead LUU race have finally been announced.

The results night was tense with some unexpected wins with Jack Palmer beating the current Union Affairs officer Toke, who ended up coming third. As well as some expected results such as Melz who was re-elected to Education with a margin of 2658.

Gryphon Editor – Jess Murray


“I’m so grateful and overwhelmed to have been elected the new Gryphon editor. It’s been a crazy few weeks running my campaign, and I’m just so glad that people supported me and got on board with what I stand for.”

“I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friends, and Greg has been amazing as well – running against a good friend is never easy but the support we both gave each other made the experience so much more enjoyable.”

“I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet, but I just want to say how thankful I am to everyone who voted, and I can’t wait to get stuck in and start making my manifesto a reality. ”

The results were-

Jess Murray – 3872

Greg Whitaker – 1914

RON – 103

Equality and Diversity – Emma Healey


“It’s kind of surreal, I can’t quite believe it, but I am absolutely over the moon.”

“I wasn’t at all involved in the union in first and second year, I only joined my first society this year, so it’s kind of weird that I’m here now.”

“So happy that I have put issues like financial support and study abroad on the agenda – especially with so many votes behind me.”

“I am absolutely delighted and so ready to get on with next year. Thanks obvs go to The Tab for giving me a platform for my feminist rants this year!”

The results were-

Emma Healey – 2905

Sifan Zelalem – 2083

Osman Deen – 737

Shahin Darvishnarenjbon – 470

RON – 110

Education – Melissa Owusu


“I’m so grateful for everyone that supported the campaign and the real MVP outchea is my video director – Will Stanley for propelling me to this stage.”

“Can’t wait for another year to try my best to make everyone’s education as lit as it can be.”

The results were-

Melissa Owusu – 3602

Joscelyn Terrell – 944

Catherine Russell – 675

Sam Ross – 673

Umair Saeed Chaudary – 669

RON – 65

Welfare – Jess Reed


The results were-

Jess Reed – 2006

Helena Goode – 1720

Natasha Beedell – 1214

Rosie Menagh – 953

Samantha Pease – 826

Nikita Myannik – 762

Sami Cass Darweish – 689

Ahd Mukbil – 378

RON – 64

Community – Jamie Ali


“It’s very rare that I’m speechless, but I’m speechless and I don’t know what to say.

“I can only thank each and every single person who voted for me this week.”

The results were-

Jamie Ali – 2343

Sasha Wedderburn – 2089

Laurie Cain – 1544

James Parry – 1094

James Killin – 719

Matthias De Ruyver – 406

RON – 65

Activities – Taiwo Ogunyinka


The results were-

Taiwo Ogunyinka – 2760

Stephanie Leach – 2135

Rich Hodgson – 1252

Sophie Halliday – 1025

Ben Sanbrook-Davies – 717

Kriti Kohli – 496

RON – 53

Union Affairs – Jack Palmer


“Honestly, I was really shocked at first, which was kinda reflected in a very bumbling acceptance speech, then Fruity happened and I’m just really excited and chuffed, can’t wait to get started on it next year.”

The results were-

Jack Palmer – 2644

Liron Velleman – 2312

Toke Dahler – 1897

Neema Grace – 903

RON – 56