Here’s what you missed from the Lead LUU Question Time

It wasn’t that exciting to be honest

On Wednesday, the student exec candidates took part in a debate about their policies before voting opens on today, here’s what you missed.

Shoutout to the presenter Sam Oliver who presented for about five hours.

Equality and Diversity

Shahin, Osman, Sam the presenter, Aoife and Sifan

One candidate Emma Healey was not at the debate because she was at a conference at the European Parliament on gender equality, so she sent a stand in, in the form of Aoife Anderson. All candidates had similar answers to the questions, highlighting the need to protect all groups of students, opposing the government’s ‘Prevent’ policy. One of the most notable events was that one candidate, Shahin, didn’t really know what the ‘no platform policy’ was.


Welfare candidates minus 3

Three candidates didn’t even show up, they were Nikita, Natasha and Ahd. They obviously didn’t think they needed your vote. There was a huge focus on the safety of students, there was also a debate as to whether there should be increased use of CCTV cameras in the union and around campus. All candidates seemed in favour of the issue on the grounds of increased safety of students but with careful consideration of the views of students.


Sophie, Rich, Kriti, Sam (LSTV presenter), Stephanie, Taiwo and Ben

All the candidates showed up this time, one who likes to be known as ‘Super Sophie’ even wore a cape. There was an emphasis on helping to get more people involved in societies. Ben suggested reducing the cost of sport, Sophie and Taiwo emphasised the need to get more people from all backgrounds involved in societies. Stephanie, Kriti, Ben, Sophie and Rich  were for members from other Universities in the city joining LUU societies whereas Taiwo was the only candidate who was against this.


Jamie, Laurie, Matthias, Sam (the presenter), James Killin, James Parry and Sasha

Jamie started his opening speech by getting people to put their hands up with questions about his policies, unfortunately not to find out if they were single ladies. The candidates all wanted to reduce the cost of bus fares, James Parry wanted to introduce a £1 bus fare from Oxley to the City Centre to help those poor buggers out. They all also supported the ‘Rate your landlord’ scheme but they also wanted to introduce new schemes to ensure your student house is fixed that mould grows.


Umair, Melz, Sam (the presenter), Sam, Catherine and Joscelyn

Melz didn’t perform her rap in her opening speech, which made the whole affair less exciting. Catherine Russell is the first PhD student to stand for the exec, meaning she’s had seven years in higher education so she thinks she is ideal for the role. The candidates were also asked whether they think that higher education should be free, only one candidate supported that idea –  the current Education Officer Melz.

Union Affairs

Toke, Neema, Sam (the presenter), Jack and Liron

All the candidates want to make sure that all students have their say in the Union Upgrade, like they did with Old Bar’s refurbishment. All candidates support the no platform policy for hate speakers from outside campus. Neema said that some students are being no platformed so there should be open debate allowed for all students, although Toke countered this saying that the Union has had more debates than ever before. The candidates were asked about how they would increase the participation of students who are parents in the union. Toke and Jack focused on mature students (despite some undergraduates being parents) but all candidates did express the need to improve facilities and representation of parents on campus.

Gryphon Editor

Jess, Sam (presenter) and Greg

The audience numbers dropped significantly for this debate, which is unsurprising. The candidates were asked how they plan to compete with The Tab. Greg said that there is a lot he can learn from The Tab in terms of our online presence but in terms of our content “he wouldn’t want to touch us with a barge pole”, okay thanks mate. He did admit to liking Boozenight. Jess however said that The Gryphon can’t compete, because of our two different styles. Yeah ours works, yours doesn’t.