Second year received marriage proposals after appearing on Tipping Point

She only went on to win some extra money

A Leeds second year appeared on the gameshow Tipping Point and subsequently received marriage proposals on Facebook and Twitter.

Politics and Parliamentary Studies second year, Melieha Lloyd, told The Tab she went on the show to try and win some extra money for her upcoming placement year, and with a “weirdly good grasp of general knowledge” she hoped this would help boost her chances.

She unfortunately came last in the first round which meant she was out of the show and lost the chance of boosting her student loan.

She was knocked out in the first round, but that didn't stop her making an impression

She was knocked out in the first round, but that didn’t stop her making an impression

Speaking to The Tab she said: “Obviously I would have liked to go further as I know I could have answered all the questions. But it’s a game of chance, I could have gone out at any time. I’m just grateful to have had the experience.”

When the episode was aired things went a bit weird on social media with people asking her to marry them.

Melieha added: “I got quite a few friend requests and messages on Facebook of people who had found me, presumably because my name is pretty easy to find.

“So I thought I would check Twitter to see if anyone had tweeted about me and lo and behold they were.”

Leeds represent

Leeds represent

We asked Melieha what she thought of all this attention she was getting on social media, she just said: “People are weird.”

Unfortunately for these tweeters, Melieha said she definitely won’t be accepting their offer for a hand in marriage.