One of the E&D candidates didn’t know what ‘No Platform Policy’ is

It’s a contentious issue on campuses across the UK

Lead LUU Question Time has been happening all afternoon and started with the debate between the candidates for Equality and Diversity Office.

During the debate candidates were asked by a member of the audience what their stance was towards no platforming.

One candidate, Shahin Darvishnarenjbon, appeared to not be aware of what no platforming was and had to ask the audience member who asked the question to explain the concept.


After the clarification by the audience member Shahin did manage to answer the question saying: “It is important all students feel good during their studies at university so their should be careful talks about who is going to talk and how that makes students feel.

“My view is there should be monitoring of what it would mean to the students if the speech was made.”

For clarity, no platforming is the policy certain speakers should not be allowed on campus to speak because of their political beliefs or views which may be seen as controversial or hate speech.

It seems rather strange for a candidate standing for the position of Equality and Diversity Officer to not be aware of the policy as it is important for their role in ensuring people of all backgrounds feel safe in the Union.

No platforming has gained national attention with figures such as Peter Tatchell and Germaine Greer being supposedly “no platformed” by Student Unions, it is a big issue on uni campuses and you would have thought exec candidates would be aware of it, or apparently not.