The maddest clubbers in Leeds this week

Is this the week you finally made it?

It’s your favourite time of the week again.

Best bum

Your phone will fall out if you're not careful

Your phone will fall out if you’re not careful

Runner up

We're opening the best bum competition soon, you should enter

We’re opening the best bum competition again soon, you should enter

Gurns of the week


You okay guys?

’70s cops of the week

Starsky and Hutch

Starsky and Hutch

Best pose


Like a boss

Sassiest pout

The duckface is so 2011

Duckface is so 2011

Rudest clubber


Nice to meet you too

Most thoughtful clubber

Is the illuminati real?

Is the illuminati real?

Runner up

I didn't text that girl back 5 months ago

I didn’t text that girl back five months ago

Failed human pyramid of the week

You tried

You tried

Selfie of the week

The flash is on the front, you're doing it wrong

The flash is on the front, you’re doing it wrong

Best squad

United over a love of VK's

United by a love of VKs

Inflatable of the week

Looks like you're having a whale of a time

Looks like you’re having a whale of a time

Loneliest clubber

So lonely

So lonely

Hungriest clubbers

It's like lady and the tramp, but which one' which?

It’s like Lady and the Tramp, but which one’s which?

Best game of hide and seek



Clubber who has probably just farted

Bet it stinks

Bet it stinks

Rowdiest clubber

Calm down

Calm down

Mime artist of the week


Lovers of the week

lovers (2)

Best hair


For clarity I’m not talking about the guy on the left

And finally, the best photobombers in Leeds

photobomb photobomb (5)photobomb (4)photobomb (3)photobomb (6) photobomb (2)

Thanks to No Curfew, Monday Night House Project, Taking Liberties and Voodoo for the photos


James Cray: Quids In

Daniel Watson: Mint Mondays, Space Tuesdays

Connor Griffin: Mixtape

Elliot Young: Donuts

ItsJustJoeB: Chaos

CJG Photography: Antics

Shot by WIZ Photo: Monday Night House Project