Leeds Beckett is the fifth best uni in the country for producing CEOs

Beckett breeds more business leaders than Oxford, LSE or Leeds Uni

Leeds Beckett is the fifth best university in the UK for breeding successful business leaders.

The data, released by Emolument, studied 26,000 graduates across the UK  – and found that Beckett produces 3.1  per cent of the UK’s CEOs, CTOs and Partners.

At the top of the table was London Business School, followed by Cambridge, Birmingham and Strathclyde.

This means that Beckett does better at producing business leaders than Oxford or LSE – or even Leeds Uni itself.

Future world leaders apply here

Future world leaders apply here

The report said that Beckett performing higher than Oxford was due to their graduates pursuing jobs with bigger corporations, to which they are less likely to become a CEO.

Added to that was the fact that graduates from universities such as Beckett are less likely to get places on graduate schemes with bigger banks, meaning they will be more eager to start their own businesses and therefore be a CEO.

Alice Leguay, the co-founder of Emolument, said: “It’s a very different world from a few years ago when the most aspirational jobs where finance and consulting at blue chip firms, usually going to top-tier Classics, or History university graduates with little idea of what the business world entailed.

“This new professional world order is an open door for professionals without top academic credentials to show they are just as, if not more effective in the workplace.”