Melz is going to be rapping at Beaver Works next Friday

She’s performing with Section Boyz and P Money

After dropping an incredible Stormzy video last week, Melz has gone on to secure an appearance at Gassed at Beaver Works next Friday.

Her video was picked up by Facebook page The Wall of Comedy and has since gained over 430 thousand views.

Gassed then got in touch with Melz to ask whether she would want to perform a set at their next show.12650820_974897219256164_2673235639169051119_n

Asked whether she would be performing her famous campaign song, Melz told The Tab: “Of course my campaign song will feature!

“I’m not a rapper, merely a gal with some bars trying to get elected to do some pretty nerdy stuff that I love doing.

“You may get lucky and hear the yet to be released entire grime trilogy I’ve been planning for this campaign.”image

Fellow South London act Section Boyz will also be doing a set on the night.

Melz added: “It feels pretty mad, they’re all from the same area as me in London, Croydon.

“I love the UK music scene and to see theme rise up in it, with Stormzy, was incredible, just a couple guys from Croydon are international stars now!

“So it feels amazing to share a stage with them, I respect what they’ve done so much. Where we come from, not everyone makes it.”

We also asked Melz when she’ll be dropping the next two videos of her grime trilogy. She said: “All I’m saying is #BoyBetterKnow on both accounts.

“I’m not even sure when I’ll drop anymore, probably early next week!”

You can get your tickets from here.