Promoter uses sexual assault news to promote club night

He shared the news story and told people to ‘get down’ to his night instead

A Leeds club promoter used a Tab article regarding a sexual assault to help promote their club night.

The event manager for ReWind at The Wire shared the Tab post regarding a sexual assault at Pryzm.

He used the post to try and convince people to go to the ReWind club night instead.

The unedited post

The original post

Within minutes of the post being up, a backlash meant the promoting section was deleted.

Amended post

The amended post

Women’s Liberation Officer and Equality and Diversity Exec candidate Emma Healey said: “As someone who has been sexually assaulted I am absolutely appalled that someone would use that trauma to promote a club.

“It’s in no way an acceptable thing to do and frankly I hope whoever decided to do this is fired.

“My trauma, or the trauma of anyone else, is not for people to profit off.”

The promoter responded by saying: “I shared the post to highlight my distaste for the venue, the use of this to promote anything was in bad taste.

“It was a careless thing to do and I am sorry for any unintentional grief that may have caused.

“It was in hindsight a stupid thing to do, unfortunately I am only human and mistakes are made. All I can say is sorry.”

Taking Liberties have distanced themselves from the post, saying: “It is disrespectful and out of order and should never ever happen.”

They continued: “The person responsible whether he knows it yet or not, has been fired and will have absolutely nothing to do with us anymore.”