‘Students for Britain’ are using condoms to make you vote to leave the EU

We spoke to the Politics fresher running the campaign from his bedroom

Anti-EU campaign group Students for Britain are combining politics with sexual health to persuade you to vote to leave the EU.

With phrases on them such as “the safer choice”  and “it’s riskier to stay in”, targeting the sex lives of students is clearly an innovative way of trying to get students interested in the political world outside of SU elections.

The Tab spoke to Durham Politics and International Relations fresher Tom Harwood, who is the Chair of the Students for Britain campaign.

Politics fresher Tom wants us to leave the EU

Politics fresher Tom wants us to leave the EU

Hi Tom, thanks for speaking us today. Tell us a bit about yourself.

“I study Politics and International Relations at Durham, I’m a fresher and I’m basically running the Students for Britain campaign out of my bedroom.”

Why did you choose condoms for your campaign?

“Well they’re fun, and they get people talking. We’ve done beer mats before and we were just thinking outside the box as to how we can get the message across.”

The Lib Dems used a similar tactic at the General Election and that obviously didn’t work – do you have similar concerns?

“Well I was unaware that the Lib Dems have actually tried this, but I think the Lib Dems had bigger problems around branding.”

Are the condoms completely safe?

“Yes, they’re entirely safe: we have a manufacturer that does this as their normal job. So this is just their condoms with different branding.”

Have you tried them yourself?

“No comment.”

Tom wouldn't say whether he had used the condoms himself

The anti-EU Johnnies

What would the benefits be for students for us to leave the EU?

“We spend £350 million pounds a week towards the EU, which goes to bureaucrats salaries, which is piled onto the national debt. That money could abolish tuition fees twice over.

“We’re limiting ourselves in trade to one region, we can’t make free trade accords with other countries because that’s an EU policy. We can’t freely trade with growing economies such as America, China or Brazil the EU is stagnating.

“There’s also a need to myth-bust: there are mis-truths around Europe on things such as Erasmus. Canada and Israel are part of Erasmus and they’re not a part of the EU.”

You can find more information about the Students for Britain campaign on their Facebook page and potentially get some free condoms – because who can afford Durex these days?