A Leeds Professor says the world is going to run out of chocolate

He’s calling it the ‘choc-apocalypse’

Food security expert Professor Tim Benton has published a report on “The Destruction of Chocolate”

Professor Benton, from the Faculty of Biological Sciences, claims that poor production and panic will create a “choc-apocalypse”.

In the haunting report he warns: “Chocolate could become a treat rather than a daily delight.”

Soon to be gone

Soon to be gone?

Professor Benton continues: “Demand for cocoa is growing fast and it is not clear what stocks are held across the world.

“This creates a recipe for price uncertainty. This can drive up prices, lead to panic buying and create the potential for a price spike.

“If there is a bad production there is scope for a ‘choc-apocalypse’.”

The report claims that the average number of chocolate bars eaten by a western consumer is 286, but it takes ten trees to produce that amount.

New markets in places such as India and Brazil are putting a strain on the ability of farmers to cope with the demand

Report Author Doug Hawkins added: “We could have a chocolate deficit of 100,000 tonnes in the next few years.”

Better get yourself down to Hyde Park Sainsbury’s to stock up on chocolate while stocks last.