Two final years have launched their own record label

Youth Club Sounds are looking to take over Leeds

Two Leeds students have launched their own record label.

Robbie Russell and Xyrenn Maddox created Youth Club Sounds with the aim of “bringing something completely new and original to the Leeds music scene.”

The label doubles up as an events company and creative collective, with the pair already on the way to launching their own monthly club night at HiFi.


Co-founder Robbie Russell said: “Me and Xyrenn spent hours trawling through Soundcloud listening to hundreds of incredible beats from independent artists and bedroom producers from around the world – electronically influenced hip hop, instrumentals that sit somewhere between trap and RnB, elements of everything from jazz to disco.

“These young producers are at the forefront of what we think will be the next big, underground scene, and we thought it was about time that their music, dubbed the ‘Future Beats’ movement, was brought to life.

“Youth Club Sounds is our attempt to do just that, and luckily we study in a city with one of the most vibrant music scenes in the country.”

On what influences the sound Youth Club is going for, they said: “It sounds lame, but we’re inspired by the music.

“It’s what we listen to in our own time, it’s what gets us excited and it’s what we’re passionate to share with people in our city.

“There is a label in the US who we see as a model for Youth Club Sounds – a collective called Soulection. A guy called Joe Kay started recording a podcast at his home in California back in 2011 where he was basically playing anything he liked: experimental hip hop and dance music from the local beat scene and the rapidly growing online community, mostly based on Soundcloud.”

When asked what sort of music we can expect from both Youth Club and the club night, Robbie said: “All we ask is that people come down to HiFi with an open mind. Expect something new, something you won’t have heard at any other club night you’ve been to.

“Our headliner, R.O.M, is a 19-year old producer from Birmingham, signed to Complexion’s Future Beats Records. He specialises in funky, bounce-heavy ‘future-RnB’, so expect an infectious, uplifting set that will include tunes from across genres.

“I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m playing last and my set will consist of music that I’ve been wanting to hear at a club for years: edits of recognisable artists like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Bryson Tiller, Rhianna, Little Simz, Future, A$AP Rocky, SBTRKT, Janet Jackson and possibly, (but I won’t promise anything) J Biebs himself, and originals from Kaytranada, Goldlink, Sango, Hudson Mohawke, Mura Masa and Sam Gallaitry, to name a few.”


The label’s founders

On what makes Youth Club Sounds different from everyone else they said: “People say that house and techno are so popular because they’re so easy to dance to, and trying to start a club night which moves away from that without going back to the old school is quite a risk.

“We have total faith in the music and in the people of Leeds. If we didn’t, Xyrenn and I would still have our student loans.

“Youth Club looks different, feels different, and most importantly, sounds different.

“We can’t be the only ones tired of the same events in the same venues.”

Their first event is at HiFi on on Thursday 18th February – tickets can be bought here.