BPOC: Big Pet on Campus

Meet Sparkles Fruity, Leeds’ most outgoing hamster

We spoke to Sparkles’ housemate, Broadcast Journalism finalist Josie Leadbetter, who told us a little more about the Hyde Park’s most infamous hamster.

Full Name: Sparkles Fruity Leodis Brudenell

Age: 4 months

Gender: Male

Breed: Siberian Hamster

Favourite TV show: Bear Grylls Mission Survival

Likes: He loves musicals and has mastered jazz hands. Sparkles is also surprisingly good at Fifa for a hamster and plays it with his housemates regularly.

He’s a frequent pocket traveller. His favourite destination is the Hyde Park Sainsbury’s, but recently he has made a more long-haul trip to the Treehouse in the Union and was quite taken aback by the stunning scenery.

Dislikes: He doesn’t really have any dislikes, he’s a fun-loving guy.

Celebrity crush: Craig David.

Relationship status: He’s currently single, but ready to mingle. His Tinder profile is a work in progress, but he’s not getting his longing for love get in the way of him having a good time.

He’s a feature at every pres and his happy-go-lucky attitude makes him the most popular guest.

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