‘Exploitative’ modelling flyers posted through Hyde Park letterboxes

They tell women there’ll be ‘no more depending on guys’

“Exploitative” modelling leaflets have been posted through student letterboxes in Hyde Park.

Targeted solely at women, the flyer claims it will be a “dream job” where you can earn a bit of extra money online.

The bizarre adverts also say that by joining up there will be “no more depending on guys” for money.


The flyer posted through Hyde Park doors

The leaflets only say that the job involves chatting on webcam – models can chat with whoever they want and their privacy will be safe.

However on further inspection of the website, the company say: “If you are performing in a nude category you are supposed to provide an erotic show as previously agreed with the member.

“You keep up to 50 per cent of all money we collect from paying members who gift or ‘Private Chat’ with you.”


The leaflet promises ‘thousands of pounds every month’

LUU Women’s Liberation Coordinator Emma Healey said of the leaflet: “It seems really exploitative and like it’s no coincidence that it’s being posted in student areas.

“It’s offering quick money and hiding its actual intentions. If people want to do cam stuff that’s cool, but the way this is being framed – as like a quick way to earn money and in doing so ‘gain independence’ – is not on.

“Also, the Union has a stance against pay day loans. Yes, this is work, but I looked through the terms and conditions and to me it seems just as exploitative”.

A spokesperson for the company told The Tab: “We noticed this a few weeks ago after the creative was released to our members and have since modified the campaign to eliminate that sentence.

“With respect to the distribution, this is handled by agents who are commissioned by onlinemodelagent.com. If you send us a copy of the flyer in question we would be happy to better understand if these were distributed in an inappropriate way and, if so, sanction the agent responsible.

“Generally speaking the webcam adult model industry is one of the fastest growing online markets and (‘sexist’ or not) it provides an estimated $450 million in income for tens of thousands of independent women worldwide.

“We are an established company in this industry and seek to act in the most complaint way possible at all times especially as we appreciate that some people may find this form of entertainment to be offensive.

“We apologise without reservation if this was the case here.”