Clubbers of the week: It’s over

It’s the time that every Santa has a ball

Stunners of the week

Abs of the weekThe real stunner of the week 

Runners up

Most chinned clubber 

Runner up

Photobomb of the week

Runners up

Should have sent a “You’re not wearing a super bright patterned shirt too are you mate?” text of the week

Creeper of the week

Most worrying clubber Worst club attire of the week
Runners up

Coolest Santa of the week

Gurn of the week 

Sauciest clubber

Happiest clubber

Best of the rest 

Thanks to Voodoo, Taking Liberties and No Curfew for the photos

Photographers: Elliot Young (Sticky Feet, Donuts), Harrison France (Entourage), JoeB (Antics), Lee Clayton (Quids In)