I tried to sneak a coffee into all the uni libraries

I’ve never been turned away so many times in my life

funny leeds LUU

Yesterday the Union posted a picture on their Facebook page showing a delicious looking hot drink.

The caption? “Take me to the library, let’s get that essay sorted.”

As nice as the sentiment was, we all know that you’re not allowed to take hot drinks into the library – as someone in the picture comments clearly pointed out.

Unless this was a subtle message from the Union saying that the rules had been changed? Are we allowed to take hot drinks into our libraries, or is this just false advertising designed to shatter our hopes and dreams? Armed with a Tiramisu Latte from Balcony (as seen in the original post) I decided to find out.

I visited each library on campus brandishing an obnoxiously cream-topped hot drink to see the reaction.

If I was stopped, I would show them the LUU Facebook post and explain that I thought the rules had changed.

If I wasn’t stopped, I would then approach the counter, slap my drink on the library counter like I owned the place, and ask a generic question in the hope they would comment on my library feast.

The Brotherton

There was only one librarian at the desk, so I had to wait until she was free before making my approach. I was clearly not the first person to try this today, as she unleashed a generic spiel about not allowing hot drinks in the library.

After showing her the the Union’s Facebook Post, the librarian said: “This is very misleading. I’ll flag it up with my supervisor. Maybe it’s referring to the Laidlaw, because they’ve got a cafe downstairs?”

That’s it then – off to the Laidlaw to try my luck there.

The Laidlaw

Laidlaw is the newest library at Leeds Uni, so there’s no chance they’re going to let me dribble Tiramisu Latte all over their shiny new furniture – or so I thought.

There were four librarians behind the oddly shaped desk. All were only moderately busy, but not one stopped me as I passed through the futuristic gates.

 After entering I circled back to the desk, and asked “Can you tell me where the medical books are?”, at which point the Laidlaw librarian clocked the cup.

I showed him the Union’s post, to which he replied: “That’s nothing to do with us – that 7 foot sign saying ‘Bottled water only’ should be enough of an indication.”

Two down, no luck so far. Onto the next step of my journey.

The Eddy B

I’ve always thought Eddy B was the cool library. After spending the weekend living there last year, I considered him my friend.

Alas, I didn’t even reach the barrier before I was asked to finish my drink outside.

The librarians were the nicest out of all the libraries. After seeing the post, they said: “That’s very naughty of them, they’re nothing to do with the libraries.

“We don’t even get a staff discount there. That does look like a very nice drink though, next time maybe you should bring us a couple too?”

Reduced to drinking outside

Health Sciences

As a medic, this place is my second home. I got through the gates without too much hassle, and returned to the desk to ask about holiday opening times.

Seeing my hot (well, by now it was lukewarm) drink, the librarian explained that it wasn’t allowed inside.

I showed her the post on my phone, at which point she called another librarian over, who called another librarian over. There were now a gaggle of librarians gathered around my phone.

“This is not ideal. I bet you came in all happy and jolly wanting to enjoy your drink, and now you’re going to leave disappointed” said one of them, trying to sympathise.

In the end, they borrowed my phone to show their supervisor in the back as I awkwardly sat at the desk, drinking my cold latte. I was also asked to email them the screenshot, so they could bring the issue up elsewhere, and they thanked me for my cooperation. I still had to drink the drink outside though.

In summary, this false claim from the Union ruined my morning. All I wanted to do was enjoy my hot drink and do my essay, and I got to do neither.

Thanks LUU, you owe me £2 for a new drink – and £9,000 if I fail my degree because of this.