We asked people in gym clothes if they were actually going to the gym

There are no treadmills in the Hidden Café

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We’re all guilty of wearing gym kit around campus regardless of whether or not we’re actually going to the gym.

It’s quick, easy and above all it allows you to be comfortable in the Laidlaw instead of feeling constricted by the shackles of skinny jeans which are just a little bit too skinny.

We took to campus to find fellow girls in gym kit and find out whether they were actually headed down to the Edge at some point or if, like most of us, they woke up this morning and just felt it was a lycra kind of day.

Delia Cangelosi, PhD Geology

Exercise isn’t the only excuse to flaunt lycra

“I don’t even have a gym membership.”

Jess Todd, International History and Politics

The fact she actually does sport puts most of us to shame

“It’s effort to carry a different change of clothes on days when I do sport, so I might as well stay in this all day.”

Jessica Mitchell, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American  Studies

Studying is easier in a breathable cotton hoody and leggings: it allows the knowledge in and last night’s alcohol out

“If I’m late for a lecture, it doesn’t matter when I’m in my gym kit – I can just jog it and I don’t have to miss a thing.”

Erin O’Loughnane, Masters in Sustainability

Who looks stupid now, Miss I’m-wearing-my-new-boohoo-mini-skirt-so-can’t-bend-down-to-get-the-biscuits-on-the-bottom-shelf?

“I love going food shopping in gym kit – reaching high and low shelves can be done with ease.”

Georgia Fuller, History and Spanish

By the time the third lecture of the day has come round, the gym isn’t happening

“I normally aim to go to the gym in the morning so put on my gym kit. It doesn’t always work out though.”

Rebecca Old, Geography

Nothing says you’re going to the gym less than wearing a dressing gown over gym kit

“I just love relaxing in my gym wear and dressing gown. It’s such a comfy combo, plus I look so damn good anyway.”

Katie Gabriel, International Relations

If you’re in the Hidden Café and not in gym kit you’re doing it wrong

“Nope, not going to the gym. I’m just finishing a deadline.”

Jemma Finch, Fashion Marketing and Gabrielle Manning, Psychology

Comfier than the Edge

“Having a coffee… in my active wear.”

“Gym leggings are comfy as hell.”

Clare Greevy, Medicine

If someone hates on you for wearing gym kit on campus, cut them out of your life

“Wearing gym kit is just so easy – no effort needs to be put in.”