How I fell out of love with Fruity

What happened to the cheesy music?

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As a young, innocent Fresher I was introduced to the wonder that was Fruity.

It was cheap, cheesy and cheerful, so I went almost every week. So much, in fact, that it became breaking news among my friends if I didn’t go.

The rest of the Leeds club nights were put to one side because where else could I listen to my childhood favourites of S Club 7, the Spice Girls and the best of Disney in Leeds. Certainly not in the overpriced edgy clubs of Canal Mills and Beaverworks, that’s for sure.

Fancy dress was an obvious requirement: Toga party, school disco and more – that’s what Fruity was all about. But then I became a second year, and Fruity changed.

The fun I used to have

Yes, it became a disappointment. Fruity used to be bae – now it’s that psycho ex who just won’t go away.

Take the recent ’80s Fruity, for example. I got my hopes up that it would be five hours of straight bangers from the best decade of music, but how wrong I was. I walked in to hear Timber by Ke$ha and Pitbull. As great as that song may be, it is certainly not the ’80s music I desired.

The lack of ’80s music was such a disappointment that I left at half two, to then be sat in a taxi to be informed by text that the ’80s music had started. This was not OK. You shouldn’t start playing the good stuff in the last hour when people are too drunk to appreciate it.

I felt lied to, and robbed of my £4 ticket. How could something I once loved break my heart like this?

It was then I realised – I now despise Fruity. The crowds, the creeping house music, the sticky floors that require too much effort to lift your foot up from, the arrogant freshers and the expensive drinks. It’s just not the same anymore.

I haven’t changed. Fruity’s changed, and not for the better.

The good ol' days of cheesy Fruity

The good old days

There’s less cheesy music and they no longer advertise sending in requests. I don’t know why – I once got five requests played in one night. Maybe the DJ is intimidated by my fountain of cheesy music knowledge.

Fruity seems to want to attract more people, namely the edgy students. It’s trying too hard to change its music so that crowd will come. Let’s be honest Fruity – the edgy people are too edgy to be seen anywhere near the Union, stop trying to attract them and go back to your cheesy roots. It’s where you belong and it’s why so many people love you, despite them claiming otherwise.

Stay cheesy, Fruity. If you do that, then you might just win back my heart.