What’s the worst thing about studying at Beckett?

Can’t believe the hoodies aren’t free anymore

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A few weeks ago, we asked what the worst thing about studying at Leeds Uni was (it was the Roger Stevens building). But what about Beckett?

Leeds Beckett does have its good points. The chicken combo in the Union Bar, being in the middle of the city (unless you’re at Headingley, you poor soul) and the fact that we’re not up our own arses to name but a few.

However, we all have our annoyances about the uni, so we’re asking: what’s the worst thing about Leeds Beckett?

Beckett Park

Sure, it’s fine in the spring when there’s, you know, actual light, but when it’s dark at 4pm and you have to walk through that to get home? No thank you.

Look at all that natural light


We’ve now won 11 years in a row. Are you even trying?

City Bar

The food’s alright, but there’s basically no atmosphere. Plus you have to walk through it to get to pretty much anywhere in Woodhouse or Portland now the other entrance is closed, and seeing other people enjoying a pint while you have two more lectures to go to is just sad.

The entrance to Portland Building being closed

I don’t care what work you’re doing, you’re making me walk further in the rain and it’s not appreciated.

Why though

Why though

No more free hoodies

Why are we being punished for not being freshers last year and being charged £25 for a hoodie? I mean, we all still bought them, but that’s not the point. It makes walking through the Uni of campus a little less satisfying.

Royal Park Road

That hill. That. Hill. It’s cold so you wrap up, but climbing the hill makes you so sweaty that you roast. The 56 always goes past when you’re lamenting not getting the bus. You’re jealous of that guy who can skateboard down the hill without falling off. And that guy on the unicycle.

Royal Park Road

Leeds’ own Mount Everest

Leeds Uni students

We are Leeds Beckett University. We are the university who has the most sex, the most average A-Levels and the highest chance of going for a cheeky Nando’s. We know who we are, and we’re fine with it; we don’t need your sarky Yaks. Just focus on doing you, babes.

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