Leeds’ Fittest Fresher rocked by cheating scandal

Medic Ryan Wolff masqueraded as a first year to bag the prize

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Fittest Fresher winner Ryan Wolff has admitted to actually being a second year after pulling off the heist of the year.

The second year medic and his accomplice Tom Slater tricked us all into thinking he was a first year, bagging him the coveted award in the process.

In an act of dishonesty which would make Lance Armstrong blush, the pair managed to pass our competition’s rigorous testing process by saying Ryan lived in Charles Morris – a claim we can now report is a lie.

When confronted by Tab reporters, Ryan said: “I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. My housemates thought it would be hilarious to nominate me.”

Fraudster Ryan after winning the title

Having tricked almost 6,000 voters into thinking he was a fresher, the second year admitted he nearly came clean – but felt too pressured by his housemates to not turn himself in.

Ryan’s web of lies even appears to stretch even further, after he admitted this is not the first theft he’s committed: “Once, I stole a carrier bag from Sainsbury’s.”

On whether he thinks he would have won a Leeds’ Fittest Second Year competition, Wolff was modest.

He said: “No. Going for the double would be a tough challenge.

“I’d have to find an even better-looking goat to pull me in some more votes, but I can give it a go.”

Ryan’s winning photo, now forever tainted

To put minds at ease, Ryan has said he won’t be running for Fittest Fresher next year.

However, he is planning to nominate the housemates who coaxed him into performing this act of deception.

Ryan had some words of reassurance to the deserving freshers he duped out of the prize.

He said: “Don’t be disheartened – the people of Leeds have made their decision.

“Anyway, you can always win it when you’re in second year.”