The Michael Sadler sculpture was designed by a known paedophile

Eric Gill also practised incest and had sex with his dog

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A WWI memorial displayed in the Michael Sadler building was created by an incestuous paedophile.

The artwork, titled ‘Christ Driving the Moneychangers from the temple’, was commissioned by former Vice Chancellor Michael Sadler himself.

However artist Eric Gill has since been outed as an incestuous paedophile who also experimented with sexual activities on his dog.

The sculpture in the Michael Sadler building

Gill, who died in 1940, had sexual relations with his daughters, his sisters and his dog – all of which he documented at length in his own diaries.

Even more surprisingly, the biography by Fiona MacCarthy which unearthed the graphic accounts of Gill’s personal life is available for loan from the Brotherton Library, which begs the question if anyone on campus bothered to read up on the guy.

The biography quotes Gill’s diary, included entries such as “Bath and slept with Gladys”(Gladys was his sister ) and “Bath. Continued experiment with dog after and discovered that a dog will join with a man”.

The biography is in the Brotherton Library

This of course raises the question of whether it is appropriate for an artist of this nature to have his work displayed on campus, let alone in such a prominent place.

Third year History student Jess Austin said: “It’s a nice mural and all, but I’d rather not have his work on show.”

First year Fashion Marketing student Katt Rodrigues agreed, saying: “I didn’t know that, and I’m not really OK with them promoting work by someone like that.”

We asked the University whether they believed his artwork should be displayed on campus, but are still awaiting a response.