Leeds Uni contributes £3.5 million to the UK economy every single day

So that’s where our tuition fees are going

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Leeds Uni contributes over £1.3 billion pounds to the country’s economy every year.

The report, released yesterday, means the university earns the country over £3.5 million per day.

Vice chancellor Sir Alan Langlands now plans to present these findings to business leaders, with the aim to ensure the university is helping the city reach it’s full economic potential.


The Business school isn’t this swanky for nothing

He will also say that for every £1 million the uni makes, there will be  a £1.3 million further impact on the wider economy.

The uni is also the city’s third largest employer – with the equivalent of nearly 6,600 full time jobs and more than 100 spin off companies worth over £500 million.

Leeds University have now held a meeting with the city’s Local Enterprise Partnership to discuss how the uni can achieve more.

Sir Alan said: “As a university we need to do more to explain our role and our impact on the wider world, including the one immediately on our doorstep.

“By working in partnership with the Local Enterprise Partnership, with the city and with people like you we can increase that impact in a number of ways.”