What does the wavy statue on campus represent?

‘It’s an homage to the art of crispy bacon’

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Many of us walk past it every day – but what does the wavy statue on campus actually mean?

We asked the students of Leeds their thoughts…

Kristina Lawson, English Lit and Lang, second year

“It looks like two giant worms trying to find the sunlight. So abstract, I know, but that’s what English does to you.”

Daniel Nz Gutierrez, Mechanical Engineering, second year

“I heard it meant ‘art’ in sign language, but I’m not completely sure.”

Katie Hird, History, second year

“I’d say it’s a way of getting people to look up from their phones and at the buildings and uni around them. They’re quite bold and hard to ignore, so they cause you to become more aware of your surroundings when you walk by them.”

Gareth Jooste, Sports Science, second year

“They are positioned within a near perfect circle, and surrounded by pretty spectacular, more traditional buildings in the background and more modern buildings in front, and both sets of buildings are rather straightforwardly put together. I suppose then that they could signify that nothing is perfect, surrounded by these ‘block-on-block’ buildings are two fairly random lines.

“Or they could signify brain waves, which is relevant because it’s a university after all and they could stand for intellect or something.”

Jordan Smith, Physics, second year

“It’s a homage to the art of crispy bacon.”

Lottie Alston, Graphic Design, second year (right)

“I guess it’s maybe brain waves, to give people inspiration?”

Dan Woods, Physics, second year

“To be honest I didn’t realise it had any meaning at all. I guess it could mean that two different people can be separate, but at the same time they are the same. So, if they are on their own they would be at odds with the environment, but together they blend in and belong – just like the statue.”

Danielle Stoba, English Literature and Sociology, second year

“A battle at sea that’s meant to be commemorated maybe? Although it does kind of just look like bacon.”