The Union are sending two people to the Harry Potter studios for free

No-one really knows why

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It’s commonplace for club nights to be themed, but this one takes it a bit too far.

New Union night Twisted have announced they’ll be sending two lucky revellers to the Harry Potter Studios Tour in Leavesden, Hertfordshire as part of their next event.

The prize comes as part of a Harry Potter-themed night they’re putting on this Saturday, for reasons we can’t quite ascertain.

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Twisted Secrets” will take place on Saturday, with the event description allegedly written by Professor McGonagall herself – because Maggie Smith obviously has nothing better do to after the films.

The post is also clearly lacking in Harry Potter puns. Why aren’t they asking us to whip out our wands, or Slytherin to their Chamber of Secrets? Twisted clearly lack in the creativity department.

Those going to the event do have a chance of winning tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour though, including travel there and back.

Not a bad prize, but there’s better stuff closer to home – Neville Longbottom lives in Leeds, although we reckon even he’s got too much dignity to turn up.

You’re better off just going to Fruity. Like every week.

You can see the event here.