LSTV release weird John Lewis advert parody

It’s set in the Eddy B

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LSTV have created a spoof of the John Lewis “Man on the Moon” advert, which they released last week.

The video moves the telescope action to Eddy B, and offers a fresh take on the romantic setting of level flirteen.

Of course we all knew it wouldn’t be too long before someone from Leeds took the piss out of one of the most magical moments on TV.

The John Lewis advert has warmed many of our hearts for the exciting Christmas season ahead, but LSTV have torn into the concept in their video.

Last year the student TV station parodied East 17’s Stay Another Day, but this year they took it up a notch – and risked offending the millions who wept at the gut-wrenching story of the lonely man on the moon.

The video was made for Children in Need, however, so fans of the weepy original shouldn’t take it to heart.

One of the actors in the video, Billy Trunskil, said: “Last year we did a parody of the East 17 Stay Another Day music video, which went down really well – so it’s become something of a tradition to create a parody video.

“With all the chat and interest around the John Lewis ad, we thought this would be an ideal thing to parody, and one that everyone will get It was a load of fun making it.

“We spent about 3 hours in a pretty full Edward Boyle level 13 for the whole shoot , and I’m pretty sure we ruined a lot of peoples’ reading time.

“Everyone has loved it so far – I think because the real ad has split opinion on whether it’s any good or not, we’ve had quite a few people say that its great and better than the original.”

Is nothing sacred?