FrenchSoc spent the night on the floor of a restaurant in Paris

They are safe

FrenchSoc were forced to take cover under the tables of a Japanese restaurant in Paris last night as attacks unfolded across the city.

It was initially unclear as to whether they were safe or not, but reports came through that at least some of them were in together under lockdown, and were not allowed to leave.

Patrick, a French second year who was on the trip said: “Because of last night’s events we had to spend the night on the floor of a closed Japanese restaurant.”

According to ITV, the 50 FrenchSoc members could not get back to their hotel, so were let into a restaurant by staff who then put the shutters down to protect everyone.

In the early hours of the morning, they confirmed over their Facebook page that they were all safe and away from danger. They are due to return to Leeds on Sunday night.