How to act like you’re not a fresher in Leeds

Not Leeds enough yet? Were here to help

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To be accepted as a student of Leeds Uni, you have to earn it.

Whether you started out as a fan of Little Mix or you’ve always deemed yourself “cool”, here are some simple and easy steps to ensure you really embrace what it means to be a part of Leeds.

Buy a puffer jacket

This applies to both boys and girls, and should be paired with some Airmaxes or, even better, Adidas originals. Your dad told you years ago his North Face puffer was cool and you didn’t believe him. Now you find yourself searching  for puffers online after walking past the Parkinson on your first day.

Relationship goals

You’re not quite ready for the super cool ones – you’re still worried what your friends would say. You have a rethink. Zara. Yes, maybe every third girl in Uni has one, but you settle on the reasoning that they must be cool. You phone up mummy. Sorted.

Take every flyer

They make for great wall decorations and give your friends something to be jealous of when they come and stay. Obviously you didn’t go to Tiger Tiger (that would be so not cool) but you can sure make it look like you’re having an action-packed lifestyle.

Buy an Apple Mac

One of us

Nothing says Leeds Uni like sitting in the Laidlaw Library scrolling on your Mac with your Nero coffee beside you.

Love the Laidlaw

You should spend your days here, even if you do struggle to find a seat. Your best bet is to hit it up just before the hour changes – people are moving to classes and you might just (if you’re fast enough) grab one. Also try floor three first – there are some sneaky seats hiding among the book cases.

Frequent charity shops

You’d always stayed clear of these back at home – they reminded you too much of your grandma’s wardrobe. Now you can’t get enough of them. You’re not sure why, but here at Leeds you feel inclined to grab yourself a couple of oversize printed shirts and sheepskin coat every other day. Nailing it.

Make sure you did a gap yah

Obviously this goes without saying. You’ll find the majority of people have been on a gap year – in other words they’ve worked for half the year and then “found” themselves while embarking on a trek across Mongolia. You’ll be able to spot them considering they still have their harem pants on.

Wear gym kit (even when you’re not in the gym)

Essential for all girls. It’s questionable how many of them actually go to the gym, considering the Edge’s bizarre opening times. Even if you don’t plan on going, what better way to fit in than walking around in some tight leggings to show everyone what an active human being you are. Pair it with a Leeds Uni hoodie to really emphasise your sportiness and look like part of a team.

Werk it

Don’t go to the Union

So you spent half of fresher’s week here but now you’d rather spend your Friday nights pinging at Canal Mills rather than belting out Avril Lavigne? Good. Consider Fruity as your right of passage to university – you go once, you get the T-shirt, you’re done. Although we both know you’ll keep coming back.

Talk about your time back in London

It’s simple really – when you’re not in Leeds, you have to live in London. If you live in Kent, Surrey or any other home county surrounding London, save the bother and say you’re from London. Automatically deemed edgy and urban, you’re bound to meet like-minded people of a similarly cultured vibe. Obviously your annoying accent is the only thing you have in common with these people, but roll with it anyway.

Take edgy pictures

Trust me, everyone wants to see what you’re doing at half four in the morning –  and even if they don’t, they don’t have a choice. You’ve already uploaded it to Instagram with the caption “so Leeds”. Everyone has been following your night out on Snapchat and now they can all sleep easy knowing you’re having a good time. Plus your eyeliner is still on fleek, so it’s important that they see it.

Look the same as everyone else

This cannot be stressed enough. The only way to truly fit in at Leeds Uni is to get your hands on a couple of pairs of Adidas trainers, a Fjallraven Kankan rucksack and an oversized sweatshirt. You’ll blend in seamlessly.